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Meeting Minutes

Beaverton Area Business Association 

October 12, 2022, Minutes

Meeting called to order@ by Joe Andrist @ 12:05 AM

Motion to accept the minutes from July 11th: motion made by supported by Karen Blatt/Scott Govitz, motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report:  Joe Andrist reviewed, the motion by Scott Govitz supported by Amy Pratt, motion was carried. 

  • Chem Flex: 14,382.09

  • Checking:    17,751.81 

  • Total Assets:  32,133.90


Today’s meeting was sponsored by Gladwin County Record and MMC. 

Business Items:

  1. Beaverton Homecoming tailgate and parade Oct. 7th: Report of costs presented, and all felt it went well considering the weather.

  2. Holiday Events coming up: Tree Lighting December 2, 2022 @ 6PM

  1. Santa will be Dec 10 & 17, 1-4PM

  2. Tom Fruchey sent a message that he needed 1,000.00 for additional lights, Kimberly Hines made the motion and Martin Hodge seconded the motion to approve an additional 1,000.00 for lights.

  3. A conversation was had that the Tree Lighting site would need to be plowed and confirmed with Kimberly Hines that the city was responsible for the lights on buildings as well as the snowflakes and banners.

  1. Holiday Hunt – Nov. 11 & 12 2022

  1. Joe announced Amy will not be working the Holiday Hunt this year.  If the BABA wants to keep it going someone needs to volunteer to coordinate.

  2. Jenna will be sending out a survey regarding helping with the Holiday Hunt

  3. Rev. Karen stated that it is all set up and mapped out and would be easy to take on.

  1. Other Business – Annual BABA Meeting January 19, 2023  

  1. Joe Andrist announced that Amy is unable to coordinate the Annual Meeting this year and someone needs to do it.

  2. Joe also announced he will not be running for office next year.

  3. Scott Govitz recommended that multiple businesses (2-4) combine to coordinate the event and BABA would be responsible for the agenda.  Thought it would be a good way to show off their business, and take on the food, décor, and venue chores.

Beaverton Schools:  Reported by Joe Passalacqua

  • A reminder that the November 9th BABA meeting will be hosted by Beaverton Schools, we will meet in the Jr./Media Room, and lunch will be provided by Chartwells.  There will be a tour the school and improvement areas.

  • Nov. 11th Veterans Day assembly will be at the elementary school

  • This Friday the rival game between Gladwin and Beaverton High School

  • A sad farewell to teacher Holly Smith as she will be retiring after and will be missed by all at Beaverton Schools

  • Not totally completed with Phase 1 and the elementary boilers are not working properly and they were not in any of the budgets from the bond.

  • November 9th the boot barricades should be installed in classrooms

  • Links Program is successful as High School students are assisting/mentoring elementary students as students are able to receive high school credit.  Staff and students are very positive about the program.

Beaverton City, Reported by Kimberly Hines

  • Attempts were made to keep the grant for the Farmer’s Market but the costs to build all exceeded the amount of the grant

  • City properties went live at Century 21

  • Matt & Scott are working with Kim on grants

  • Looking at producing a quarterly newsletter

  • 100K match for FEMA

  • Will have a new Web Host that is more user-friendly from Sterns Marketing

  • Next month an open house for the new Police & Fire Dept

  • Looking for beautification ideas for Beaverton

  • Opening the campground for Hunters 25.00 day or 300.00 for season.  No Bathrooms open

  • RRC Redevelopment Ready Communities – designation ready for new opportunities and money is available for “Fast Pass” for redevelopment monies.

EDC, Reported by Matt Lang

  • The Coming Home to Mid-Michigan event had 60 participants and 20 resumes.  Brown Machine and Saint - Gobain participated

  • Going Pro for Talent – Informational meeting Wed. Oct 19th, 9AM at the Gladwin Michigan Works Office

  • On October 26th Flex School students will be going to visit Saint-Gobain and Brown Machine.

Gladwin County Chamber, Reported by Matt Lang

  • Jenna will be leaving the Chamber of Commerce as her side software & marketing business has taken off.  More details to com


  • Meeting was called to a close at PM by Joe Andrist, Motion Karen Blatt/Seconded Ryan Roberts

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