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About BABA

We are a collection of community-minded individuals and organizations working together for the betterment of Beaverton and surrounding areas. ​ Our aim is to assist your business and our community in developing programs and services, with an eye to the future, enabling continued success and growth.

We are building a network of business leaders who are committed to helping one another and our community to prosper through planned activities that enhance our area. Through this network, we disseminate your message to other businesses, educational and civic organizations, as well as the general public.


President:           Amy Dull

Vice-President:  Joe Andrist

Secretary:           Tammy Frisbie

Treasurer:           Jennifer Harper

Membership:      Robin Smith-Martin

Information:        Scott Govitz

Marketplace Contact:  Amy Dull

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." – Margaret J. Wheatley

Our Mission

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life and business success in and around Beaverton.

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